Your hair reflects your personality. A great haircut can boost your confidence and project an image of success. Before I begin to sculpt hair into a workable cut, I get to know a client's lifestyle, career and styling habits. After the cut, it is important to teach you how to use products and tools to achieve different looks. If you can't style your own hair, your cut is not the correct one for you!


Most people disregard the chemistry involved in haircoloring. If you don't know the scientific structure of a hairstrand and the chemical reaction of an aniline derivative mixed with H2O2, you better put down that color bottle! Haircolor is a science. It takes many years of practice to develop an eye for complimentary colors while keeping the hair in optimum condition. I pride myself on selecting haircolor that makes the eyes appear more vibrant and the skin tone come alive.


In the early days of Hollywood, Max Factor coined the term "makeup". As a chemist, he formulated powders to be applied to actors skin so they would look striking on film. Makeup has come a long way since then, but the goal is still the same: everyone wants to look like a movie star. My approach to makeup is simple. I use the best quality makeup available and the least amount of it. The most important factor is the proper selection of color. The old Hollywood techniques, combined with today's products, enable me to make you look your absolute best!

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